Desser & Co Madrid Range

The Desser Madrid range is perfect for smaller spaces, though should be considered by all as it is such a beautiful range. Its laminated cane and rattan poles create a smooth, sleek look that combines a modern design with the classic. The triple-frame armrests provide extra support and strength, while adding extra style. The use of rattan poles at the sides and bases of the range form a unique, pretty design that will look stunning in your home, and this is furthered by the light-oak finish that brings the outdoor nature, inside.

Item Height   Width   Depth
Armchair 105cm 73cm 88cm
2 Seater Sofa   105cm 128cm 88cm
3 Seater Sofa 105cm 181cm 88cm
Footstool 48cm 64cm 47cm
Coffee Table 48cm 67cm 53cm
Lamp Table 59cm 41cm 41cm

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