Your Garden, Your Rules

Your garden is just as important as the inside of your home. As such, it is important to ensure you are making the most of the outside space you have, and that you are not compromising on what you want. At Midlands Conservatory & Garden Furniture, we spend time talking through our customers’ enquiries. We offer free and knowledgeable advice on anything; from your specific garden & access measurements, to fabric samples at request, bespoke quotes, and a holding service if you are not quite ready to take delivery.

While we do have a vast number of cane and garden furniture sets ready to order as they are, as Garden & Conservatory Furniture Specialists we also offer our customers the ability to buy exactly (and only) what they need. Simply contact us with your enquiry any day of the week, and we will provide specific (and competitive) quotes for your custom order. Whether it is a modular set that you would like to customise, or multiple sets for a larger outdoor space, such as a restuarant or cafe, our aim is to make sure you feel confident when buying your furniture from us.

As a genuine family business of 25+ years, we pride ourselves on our customer service. Just take a look at our Trustpilot reviews from our customers over the last few years. We hope these give you confidence that we are here to work with you, and make your purchase an easy and enjoyable experience… which is what it should always be!

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