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Why Choose Us

Desser by Midlands Conservatory & Garden Furniture are specialists, for over 20 years, in the supply of Branded Conservatory and Outdoor Furniture in the Midlands.

We have a large selection of Conservatory and Garden Furniture available for immediate delivery at unbeatable prices!  Some suites only days old!

We are a family business, committed to providing the following:

  • Best Genuine Prices
  • Top UK Branded Furniture
  • Quickest Delivery Times
  • Product Knowledge & Service
  • Honesty and Integrity through out
  • We are available to be contacted 7 days from 8am to 8pm 

Take a look at our main supplier profiles below, another great reason to choose us, as we choose them!

Desser & Company,

Desser pride themselves on offering beautifully designed and manufactured furniture. They have been specialising in this type of furniture since 1919 almost a century of excellence in their field. Desser furniture is genuinely crafted to the highest standards built to be both durable and elegant.  This furniture is absolutely the perfect choice for your conservatory and home spaces. Both Contemporary and traditional designs are available with a massive choice of fabrics from which to select. To add to the practical side of purchase and ownership, choose a grade B fabric and you can machine wash the cushion covers at up to 30 degrees yourself at home.

When people ask why we sell so much Desser Furniture we are always pleased to inform them, maybe this small list will help.  Customers simply love the designs, and rave about the comfort come and see directly for yourself. We always offer a great price package making us extremely competitive on all Desser products.  Desser  utilise 95 years of experience and offer a full 12 months warranty (repair / replace) on all their frames. The use of Dacron wrapped base cushions ensure shape retention and softness. All  Desser suites use Pirelli Rubber suspension enhancing the longevity of the furniture. The Desser brand has been built by successive generations (four to be exact) and is still within the same family that conceived the business in 1919 just after the first world war. This gives an enormous proud pedigree from which to do business.

Desser & The Environment

Producing products with green credentials is increasing in importance all the time. Desser follow a policy of sustainable sourcing and traditional manufacturing methods to minimise damage to the environment. The Rattan Harvested to use in the making of Desser furniture is grown in Indonesia, Desser work closely with the local factories and growers to protect the stunning landscape there.

Rattan grows at a rate of up to 6metres per year in areas that cannot support other land based products. For example  It often grows under flood waters and around rubber and fruit plantations encouraging the retention of forests. Rattan is refered to as a “companion crop”.  Rattan has a high social significance as it is a small holder produce, therefore, it provides a sustainable income to some of the poorest people living near the forests. Its harvesting is labour intensive and creates some diverse employment. Desser are proud to produce their products that conform to all Government controlled Environmental Legislation and a lot more besides.

Looking after your Desser Furniture

Take note of the next few lines and your Desser products can last a lifetime.

Keep your Desser furniture in a dry environment, and protected from direct sunlight wherever possible (as this will preserve your fabrics ). In a conservatory for example, perhaps move the furniture around periodically to share the bright spots. Use “blinds” wherever possible as this will also reduce the direct sunlight.

Cane frames should be cleaned by gently wiping with a soft (slightly damp) cloth. A dry paintbrush or vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment is ideal to keep the frames and detail free of dust.

An occasional spray of a good furniture polish will also help keep the frames look their best. Chemicals to avoid would include, thinners, benzene and abrasive creams.

Remember to turn the cushions on a regular basis to spread out any fade caused by sunlight.

Take a note which grade of fabric you have purchased, all A, B & C grades can be dry cleaned (with grade B having the additional benefit of being machine washable at home (30 degrees).

Some Technical Information

Pirelli Webbing, is used by Desser & Company in producing the suspension system found under the cushions. You can be assured that this very high quality rubber in association with a hard wood base ensures you will sitting comfortable for many years to come.

Dacron Wrapped cushions are standard on Desser conservatory furniture. This feature maintains the cushion shape and prevents foam deterioration that plagues the lesser brands.

Your Desser Cane furniture is unique

Please remember, that Desser  cane/rattan furniture is hand made from naturally grown materials,no two pieces are exactly the same which is part of this type of furniture’s natural beauty.