Daro Hamilton Range

The Daro Hamilton is a beautiful woven outdoor corner range available in left and right hand options. The Light Bonano weave complements any design scheme and any choice of Daro UV resistant fabric. Transform from lounging to dining by adding a dining table, or create a lounging set with a coffee table and leg rest. There are multiple options and we are sure you will find the one to suit you and your garden.

Item Height   Width   Depth
Modular Chair 97cm 65cm 96cm
Corner Chair 97cm 96cm 96cm
Armless Sofa Module 97cm 140cm 96cm
Left Arm Sofa 97cm 140cm 96cm
Right Arm Sofa 97cm 140cm 96cm
Leg Rest 50cm 77cm 75cm
Dining Bench  50cm 115cm 40cm
Coffee Table 53cm 76cm 76cm
Dining Table 72cm 115cm 115cm

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