Heatmaster Parasol & Gazebo Heater with Bracket


Heatmaster 2kw (4 Independent Heads 500w each) super efficient, instant heat (just swich on). Clamps around a parasol shaft (25mm to 55mm diameter) or use in gazebo with roof hook by bracket included). Requite further information, simply call us.

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The Heatmaster Outdoor Heater with Bracket

The Heatmaster Outdoor Heater fits parasols (and Gazebos with Adapter Bracket)

The Heatmaster

This heater is a fantastic outdoor heater that provides a lovely warm ambience. It is designed to fit round a parasol shaft or with the additional bracket to hang inside a gazebo. One of our best selling products the Heatmaster is the perfect accessory that allows longer fun filled times with family & friends when the air turns a little chilly.


It has many, including-

Its affordable (both in cost and running)

The operation is silent

There is no odour produced

You can have the heater on half poer (ie 2 units working + 2 units off)

Highly efficient

Immediately  Effective (simply turn on instant heat)

Tilt the 4 units to your required position

Maintenance free

Year Long warranty


5 x 500watt output

Fits parasol shafts 25mm to 55mm diameter

Cable 1.5mtr

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    Weight 4 kg
    Optional Bracket (Allow Heater to be used in Gazebo)



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