Kettler Everdure FUSION™ BBQ


The Everdure FUSION™, by Heston Blumenthal is a practical, contemporary combination of charcoal and electric cooking. Place on or off its pedestal due to its versatility, and experiment to develop your culinary skills. A free, premium bespoke cover is included.

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Everdure FUSION™ Charcoal BBQ

The fusion of charcoal and electricity brings this spectacular machine into being. With inspiration from the past, Heston Blumenthal has developed an outdoor cooker that is innovated for the future, and we want you to experience this design.

The FUSION™ brings a simple, yet mysterious aesthetic that will have your guests wondering what it is for. It won’t take them long, however, to realise what it does. 10 minutes, in fact, with its Fast Flame Ignition System™. Place on its pedestal, or keep on a separate surface, it is up to you what you do with this versatile cooker, and it is up to you what you cook! With Rotiscope Technology™ and retractable rotisserie poles, have a go at roasting a chicken! There is a wind shield to protect your cooking from the elements, and a hinge chrome grill to easily reload charcoal. There is also an integrated storage space for the included rod and Cliplock Forks™. The FUSION™ also includes a premium tailored cover for out of season, to keep your BBQ looking as good as new.

If you are new to barbequing, try the Fast Flame Ignition technology that will have you ready to cook in 10 minutes. We believe this is the ideal BBQ for beginners, or those looking for something to use occasionally in their garden.


Poles up: 1083mm

Poles down: 900mm





Poles up: 859mm

Poles down: 730mm

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    Weight 40 kg


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