Everdure Cube Charcoal (Portable BBQ) Orange


The first portable barbecue with advanced cooking technology. Available in a range of stylish, contemporary colours. Modernise your picnic with the Everdure CUBE.

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Everdure Cube Portable BBQ Orange Colour

This is the first portable barbeque that really does what you need it to do.

Remember the days sitting on the beach trying to cook sausages on a disposable foil barbeque, and finally resorting to eating the burnt meat hoping that it was cooked inside? Well, the CUBE picks out the best memories of this and turns them into present reality. Its transportable and compact design can be very much likened to this disposable tray barbeque, but with an astounding assortment of technology.

Undo the metal clip to open the CUBE. Here, you will find a bamboo tray which is perfect for preparation and food placement. There is then a white plastic container for storing paper plates, cutlery, utensils and even food. The metal rack below is where you place the food you will cook, and is a far cry from what you will find in the disposable version. You will find another metal rack below which is to hold your fuel (coal/charcoal). The handles either side of the CUBE have been placed at a far enough distance away from the heat, and are also protected to prevent any burns. Underneath the CUBE, there is a plaque which is designed to protect the surface on which you are cooking from heat. All these features culminate together to create something that looks so simple and stylish, yet so technologically advanced.

Also available in Graphite, Khaki and Stone.

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