Kingdom Midnight Montana Woven Garden Furniture (Water Hyacinth)

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We always aim to offer the best deal!

Check out the Kingdom Midnight Montana collection here. It is unique in that it is woven from a most realistic “Water Hyacinth” outdoor weave. It really does look natural and real. This range is a really generous size unlike a great deal of outdoor furniture that is tiny and cramped. You really can sit or lounge for hours.

The engineering that goes into this range is amazing, the welded aluminium frame is up there with the very best indeed. With a choice of cushioning this range will last and last.  

There is a comprehensive range of items and you can select the items you require and form your own set!

We back this up with best advice and real deals to help you in your purchase of this very high quality furniture.

We know how the internet works, simply talk to us about your Kingdom requirements and we will put a great packaage together for you.We have over 20 years experience in supplying quality outdoor furniture.

You can order or enquire about Kingdom Midnight Montana 7 days a week by calling us here at Midlands on 0116 240 4649  

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