JATI & KEBON Garden Sets

Luxury Outdoor Aluminium Furniture.

Although you can purchase Jati & Kebon furniture pieces individually we also supply these popular sets complete at great prices. Please feel free to call us to discuss similar sets or let us help design yours, all with a great deal!

JATI & KEEBON Range of luxury Aluminium Furniture

We are pleased to offer the Jati & Kebon range of high quality outdoor aluminium furniture. The Jati and Kebon range is a true Contemporary selection of exquisite garden furniture. Add the fact that Jati & Kebon is distributed by one of our largest suppliers “Kettler” the whole experience is assured.  Jati Kebon are a true world leading brand and we are veery pleased we can offer their fantastic furniture at truly great prices.

Simply call us 7 days a week to enquire or order.

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