Buying your garden furniture is the easy part, but what do you do when it comes to making it look great in your home? Have a read of this blog which will give you some styling tips and tricks, from colour coordination to positioning and accessorising. This includes all our amazing brands, so whatever you have chosen, we are here to help you get the most out of your furniture.

Best Colour Combinations

One combination we are loving at the moment is orange and grey. A great deal of contemporary garden furniture is made with aluminium (for durability and style), so this gives you a great foundation to add to the grey base colour with some orange touches. Kettler’s new Menos Range includes a variety of outdoor soft furnishings, as well as orange cushions in various sizes. Orange is a bold colour, but when matched with a dark grey, it soothes its harshness and catches the eye. Our Midnight Montana Range is also available with stunning bright coloured cushions that look amazing with a dark base colour and a contrasting plain seat pad. Kettler’s Everdure Barbecue range is also available in a stunning range of bold colours, not least the 4K Charcoal Cooker in Orange. Though quite an extravagant way to style your garden, we really do recommend having a look to see how beautiful it looks next to say the Kettler Palma or Elba. Last, but certainly not least, take a look at the Alexander Rose Beach Range on our site, which comes with a great choice of cushion colours (including orange of course). You can choose between a ‘Shell’ or ‘Flint’ frame to compliment the cushions to build your very own set.

Take yourself to TK Maxx, Homesense or any home accessory shop and take a look at some orange throw overs, scatter cushions or outdoor statues etc to really go for this contemporary colour combination, we assure you it will be worth it!

Other colour combinations we recommend are white and grey or wood and cream for a rustic look (take a browse at Kettler’s Corsica Range and York Reclaimed Teak). Browns and whites/creams are timeless, as well as red and white or black (see Westminster Grace or Pouf). Blues and whites or greys are a quirky option, or even blue and orange (see Kettler Menos).

Positioning your Furniture

We are sure that you will have an idea in mind as to where you will place your garden furniture, but be positive before you make your final decision. You want to be in an area that will receive some sort of sunlight, otherwise what is the point of sitting outside right? Perhaps you don’t want to be consumed by the sun, as it can often bleach materials when exposed for long periods of time, but you always have the option to add a gazebo, parasol or panalsol for shade.

Corner sets often look the best when placed parallel to a wall or fence for some sort of structure, otherwise they can look a little lost on their own. You also want to think about coffee tables and footstools- these are best placed within the boundary of the corner to form an enclosed set.  Things like storage units ideally should be kept against a wall or fence to keep them on show but also out the way.  You want your furniture to be centre of attention, so the positioning is always key. We love the look of a free arm parasol hovering over garden furniture, giving it a little something extra by enclosing from above. What looks even more fabulous is the combination of gazebos and furniture, by creating your own little outdoor/indoor space, while also giving you extra protection. Last, but not least, have your furniture set up somewhere where you know you are going to use it. This is far more important than placing it where you think it looks best.